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Firalux Design AG | Hauptstrasse 21, 4461 Böckten, Switzerland
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Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
a month ago
Good quality. Fast service
Martin Schildknecht
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
a month ago
Competent, reliable and very friendly. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation.
Sandro Müller
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
a month ago
Very competent field staff OS, very keen to solve problems, very easy to reach by phone. Very satisfied.
P. Bachmann
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
a year ago
very competent and friendly customer service!
Firass Chamas
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
2 years ago
excellent advice on the phone - really great. Thank you very much.
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Whether you’re looking for design, efficiency or quality - our exterior lights tick every box. Our exterior lights fulfil many functions: some transform trees and bushes into breathtaking works of art after dark or accentuate architectural beauty, whilst remaining discreetly hidden away in the shadows. Others provide safety and security or a lovely ambiance at night, but are also beautiful to look at during the day.

Recessed wall lights


At night, exterior ambient lighting turns trees and bushes into enchanting works of art, accentuates architectural beauty, and creates an inviting atmosphere. Light also provides security and peace of mind. In the EXTERIOR section of our catalogue we present a large selection of outdoor lighting for pond illumination and outdoor wet rooms.

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Tel +41 61 485 13 13 - Fax +41 61 485 13 14 - info(at)firalux.ch - fb icon ig icon li icon

Tel +41 61 485 13 13 - Fax +41 61 485 13 14 - info(at)firalux.ch